How many lessons will I need?

The DSA advises 2 hours tuition for each year of your age. Individual needs will vary. New drivers will normally require at approximately 40 hours, plus private practice.

What is the curriculum?

The core curriculum is based on the guidelines from the Driving Standards Agency; it covers all you need to learn to drive safely and to pass you driving test. Your personal curriculum is set according to your specific needs.

How do I book a lesson?

Call our FREE phone number 0800 612 7713 or fill in the Contact Us form and we will call you back.

What car do you use?

At the moment we use Ford Fiesta's and we also have a new Hybrid Toyota Yaris which is automatic.  All have air-conditioning, power-steering and dual controls.

Where do I start from?

We can pick you up from your home or school/college/work.

What if I have to cancel?

In most cases we need 48 hours notice of cancellation or the lesson must be paid for.

I have paid for ten hours, had six and I want to drop out. Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you have pre-paid for a block of lessons and you cancel, you will be refunded the outstanding amount, but lessons used will be calculated on the standard lesson fee.

How long is each lesson?

The standard lesson is two hours. Two hours is preferred as this gives more scope for driving to other towns and for developing full understanding of a topic.

When will I take my test?

Practical tests are booked as soon as you have passed your theory test. The waiting list is usually 6 to 8 weeks, so this gives us something to work towards.

Do you teach theory?

Yes, as part of the normal lesson we will test you and teach you for your theory test.

Do you issue a log book?

All pupils are given a log book to record progress.

Do you teach Pass Plus?

Yes, this can give you a significant saving on your insurance and will usually pay for itself in the first year.  Ask your instructor for more details.